Strongman Prep Beginner Sample 6 Week Program

This is a sample program to prep for Strongman. Please remember that there could be several different implements used at your competition. You can usually bet on having at LEAST one clean and press event, one carry event, one squat event, one load event and one deadlift event, and occasionally you will see a flipping or pulling event.

Most competitions comprise of five events and while it is helpful to have access to certain implements to train it is not 100% necessary. If you can find a Strongman gym in your area that is the best way to train, however you can also train at a regular powerlifting gym as well. While you might be able to do accessory work at gyms like Planet Fitness, it will be difficult to translate as they do not have the heavy free weights required to adequately prep for a competition.

The Sample Six Week Program is Comprised of Three Workout Days, lower body, upper body and cardio. This program is designed for beginners, if you can handle heavier loads with good form then be sure to scale up, also be on the lookout for the intermediate sample workout plan.

Weeks 1-3

If you need to split the lower body blast into two different days, do the warm-ups and deadlifts one day and the warm-ups and squats on a different day with at least one rest day between.

Day One ( rest the day after)

Day Two (rest the day after)

Day Three (no need to rest next day)

Be sure you are warming up and stretching after your workouts and you work in rest days. Don't over-do yourself, start slow then work on PR/ PB (personal records/ personal bests)

Weeks 4-6

Day One (rest the next day)

Day Two (rest the next day)

Day Three

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